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Albert C. Rhoades, age 79, of Tomah, WI

Catherine M. Schroeder, 94, of Cashton, WI

Richard Abbs, age 93, of Tomah, WI

Doris Ann Spiller, 74, formerly of Sparta, WI

Eugene Christ "Mike" Schmitz, age 82, of rural Norwalk, WI

Clarence R. "Butch" White Sr. age 84, of Oakdale, WI

Dr. Carl E. Putman, age 85, of Sparta, WI

Karen Kay Rodriguez, age 74, of Tomah, WI

Dennis Hubbard, age 67, of Norwalk, WI

Deanne E. Shutter, age 82, of Tomah, WI

Ruth Rynes, age 84, of Sparta and formerly of Ontario, WI

Julia Nordby, age 101, of Sparta, WI

George Sieber, age 84, of Oshkosh, WI

Dallas M. Eirschele, age 99, of Tomah, WI

Nicola "Nick" Griseta, age 83, of Tomah, WI

Frederick Greendeer, age 57, of Tomah, WI

Lori Ellen Schroeder, age 61, of Tomah, WI

Mary Walheim, age 70, of Tomah, WI

Lyle Koehler, age 71, of La Crosse, WI

Ruby H. Willett, age 72, of Wilton, WI

David Faulkner, age 68, of Tomah, WI

Raymond Reidy Sr, age 97, of Tomah, WI

Arnold Zellmer, age 84, of Necedah, WI

Leslie Ihasz, age 80, of Necedah, WI

Armilda (Gerke) Lietz, age 91, of Tomah, WI

Sherry Lynn (Hagen) Van Tassel-Larson of Sparta, WI

Stephen P. Witt, age 65, of Tunnel City, WI

Elmer Knoll, age 92, of rural Sparta, WI

Tracey A. Erickson, age 44, of Sparta, WI

Lyle E. “Pidge” Thomas, age 60, of Tomah, WI

Judy Peterson, age 63, of Camp Douglas, WI

Karen L. Waltemath, age 51, of Tomah, WI

LeRoy Glen Schrock, age 95, of Sparta, WI

Cade G. "Tater" Clark, age 26, of Tomah, WI

Susan A. Schye, age 64, of Cashton, WI

Herman C. Haas, age 77, of Tomah, WI

Nancy J. Lunde, age 75, of Necedah, WI

Andrew J. Plowman, age 15, of Tomah, WI

James Neubauer, age 74, of rural Westby, WI

John Hushing, age 83, of Sparta, WI

Jack Koblenz, age 82, of Necedah, WI

Earl Frank, age 77, of Tomah, WI

Raymond O. Boettcher, age 92, of Tomah, WI

Robert E. "Bob" Page, age 82, formerly of Sparta, WI

Joan E. Connor, age 85, of Tomah, WI

Merilyn Nofsinger, age 94, of Norwalk, WI

Robert W. Hascek, age 90, of Tomah, WI

Kayla M. Crubaugh, age 18, of Tomah, WI

David M. Stalsberg, age 43, of Sparta, WI

Victor S. Tetzlaff, age 82, of Tomah, WI

Robert Ward, age 54, of Camp Douglas, WI

Lorraine M. Williams, age 87, of Sparta, WI

George Tomesek, age 97, of Necedah, WI

Grace Rudnicki, age 47, formerly of Arkdale, WI

William F. Petersen, age 71, of Necedah, WI

John Russell Rezin, age 75, of Warrens, WI

Armond Doud, 74, of Necedah, WI

Beatrice M. Calhoon, age 95, of Ontario, WI

James W. Haws, age 73, of Sparta, WI

Jeannette Barry, age 91, formerly of Tomah, WI

Michael C. Haag, age 80, of Tomah, WI

Lt. Colonel Charles J. Kay, age 92, of Warrens, WI

Rebecca Jean Wolf, age 16, of Tomah, WI

Vernon F. Marx, age 85, of Verona, WI

Maxine A. Vieth, age 85, of Norwalk, WI

Lloyd Solum, age 82, of Tomah, WI

La Mont W. Erickson, age 87, of Melvina, WI

Donald L. Harmon, age 77, of West Bend, WI

Vernon H. Larsen, age 78, of Tomah, WI

Carol H. Everson, age 96, of Sparta, WI

Charles Thideman, age 55, of Tomah, WI

Lambert J. Hemmersbach, age 85, of Tomah, WI

Edward J. Muellenberg, age 96, of Norwalk, WI

Jean Robarge, age 91, of Tomah, WI

Pastor Michael McBain, age 53, of Necedah, WI

Kenneth Raines, age 55, of Ontario, WI

Shirley M. Smith, age 61, of Warrens, WI

Dannie E. Erickson, age 61, of Tomah, WI

Cevil A. Daulton, 93, of Cashton, WI

Elizabeth Ann (Gleiss) Mulvaney, age 89, of Sparta, WI

Scott M. Schendel, age 56, formerly of Tomah, WI

Robert Sayles Jr., age 68, of Necedah, WI